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OstroVit Massager Roller 30 x 10cm

12,00 €

The foam roller with projection by OstroVit is a universal product for self-massage after the workout and during rehabilitation. The roller is made of a flexible foam and supplied with special projection whose impact is similar to the physiotherapist’s massage. Thanks to the foam, the roller does not cause pain and bruises, but proves effective.

Massage roller
A medium hardness of the fabric is perfect for self-massage. Thanks to the use of a suitable massage with a roller, you can oxygenate and improve blood supply of tissues. The product does not cease to be hard, does not get worn away or deformed, even in case of intensive use by heavy persons. It is also easy to clean, all you need to do is wipe it with a wet cloth.

Advantages of the foam roller:
relaxes muscles,
improves muscles ability to work and regenerate,
has anti-cellulite properties,
lets you break thickened areas and strengthen muscles,
prevents emergence of muscle sores after the intensive workout

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