OstroVit Pure Histidine 100g

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OstroVit Histidine (Supreme Pure) is a top-class supplement created for the most demanding consumers. It contains only one substance L-histidine, where the rest of unnecessary fillers, such as preservatives or aromas were specifically omitted from production. Its micronization has been developed with the highest level of pharmaceutical fragmentation.

100g L-histidine in the package
The product contains 100 servings!!!
One serving is only 1g of the supplement!
Free from unnecessary fillers

L-histidine is an organic chemical compound from the group of amino acids or exogenous. The human body is able to synthesize it itself, but for various reasons, usually dictated by physiological needs, it is necessary to provide them exogenously (supplementing or with food). Histidine is a precursor to the synthesis of carnosine and histamine, which plays an important role in our immune system. It makes a positive effect on digestive processes and releases in the stomach enzyme called gastrin, which is the essence of our digestion.

OstroVit Histidine PROPERTIES
Accelerates regeneration after hard and long trainings.
Allows you to increase endurance and strength during physical exertion.
Supports the numerous digestive processes of our body.
It has many important immune functions.
It is essential for the blood cells production, and protection out tissues from various damages.
Takes part in the synthesis of proteins such as hemoglobin.

100 g
1 g
 Per 100gFor a portion
L-histidine 100 g 1000 mg

100% L-histidine

Add 1 g (1/5 scoop) in 100-150 ml of water or juice.It is highly recommended to take it 30 minutes before a meal.

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