OstroVit Resistance Bands (material) 3pcs set

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A set of three material resistance bands for OstroVit exercises is a product dedicated to everyone who is looking for help in training. Their wide application, it will be perfect during exercise at home and at the gym. We can use resistance bands as a replacement for weights. Thanks to the resistance they put up, the muscles are forced to work harder, thanks to which we can achieve better, faster and more visible results. The set is equipped with light, medium and heavy load rubbers, thanks to which they will be suitable for everyone, regardless of their advancement. Additionally, a mesh bag for storing gums is included.

The set consists of three training bands:
LIGHT - purple - 15-20 kg resistance
MEDIUM - pink - 20-25 kg resistance
STRONG - green- resistance 25-30 kg
The tapes are made of soft cotton and latex yarn. This combination makes the rubbers pleasant to touch, does not irritate the skin, and at the same time is durable and does not roll during exercise.

Width: 8 cm
Circuit :
Violet - 86 cm
Pink - 76 cm
Green - 66 cm

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