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PURE 2Improve Exercise Tube set

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34,00 €

11-piece complete set of training rubbers of different weights for home trainers.

The perfect set of training rubbers for a home trainer. Training rubbers are made of durable and high-quality latex rubber. Suitable for a strong trainer, physiotherapy or a woman expecting a baby to keep the body toned.

Physiotherapists recommend the use of training rubber to recover from various injuries.

The set includes tubular rubbers of different strengths, which can also be used assembled.

Included: 5x8x1200mm blue; 2.2kg

5x9x1200mm yellow; 4.5kg

6 × 9.5x1200mm red; 6.8kg

7x11x1200mmblack; 9.0kg

6x11x1200mm hall. 11.3kg

2 handles

2 loops for legs

1pc door anchor

2 pcs carabiners

1pc bag.

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