PURE 2Improve Hard Massage Roller Firm BLACK 36x14cm

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P2I Hard Massage Roller is suitable for anyone who wants relief from their muscle pain and tension, and for people who want to strengthen their body muscles.

The massage roller should be a tool for every serious athlete, muscle care! Daily rolling keeps your muscles in order and therefore the need to go to the massage table is significantly reduced, saving money! Certainly, the massage roller is not a substitute for massage, but it is an effective tool on days when you do not go for a massage.

The massage roller is very easy to use, just support the roller with a sore spot and start rolling.
The P2I Massage Roller is an ideal tool for relieving muscle tension in areas that are difficult to stretch, such as the outside of the thigh and the upper leg.

The roller is compact and light, which makes it easy to take with you on training or travel.

The massage roller is easy to use, you need to find a sore point in your muscle, support that point on the roller and roll back and forth until the pain disappears. For the first time, you should not roll very aggressively, but try how the body reacts. By gradually learning the tricks and the feel of the body, it is possible to get the maximum effect by keeping the muscles loose.

Dimensions - length 36cm and diameter 14cm

Weight: 600g

Black / Red

Material: 100% PVC.

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