REA Hip Band (textile training rubbers) 3x

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REA textile training rubbers are mainly suitable for training the whole body. The rubbers have different strengths, which are ideal for top athletes and also beginners. Training with training rubbers strengthens the body muscles and reduces the risk of injuries. Say goodbye to thin latex rubber loupes - new skin-friendly textile rubbers have come to stay. Latex-free rubber bands are sewn into the textile rubbers so that they stay firmly in place around the legs and do not slip away during exercise.

The training rubber is made of thick textile and wide enough not to be grooved.

The set includes 3 different strength rubbers.
The tensile strength of 38 * 8cm loops is:

Strong: 18-22kg

Average: 13-18kg

Light: 9-13kg

The set includes 3 training strengths + sachets of different strengths

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