REA Massage Roller MUST/CAMO 33x13,5cm

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The REA massage roller is a new, revolutionary helper with two different massage zones. (look at the picture)

The massage roller is durable enough to withstand heavy loads and repeated use. The roller has a unique design and two different massage zones that allow for a targeted massage. Find the right strength pattern on the REA massage roller that suits you best and support the sore spot and start rolling. The roller is compact and makes it easy to take with you on a workout or trip. The roll is also hollow on the inside, for example you can put a drink bottle or a towel in it. The REA massage roller was originally designed for athletes, but is also suitable for ordinary people. The product is suitable for anyone who wants relief from their muscle pain and tension and for people who want to strengthen their body muscles. The REA massage roller should be a tool for muscle care for every serious athlete! This roll is definitely not a substitute for a massage, but it is an effective tool on days when you do not go for a massage. The REA massage roller is an ideal tool for relieving muscle tension in areas that are difficult to stretch, such as the outside of the thigh and the upper leg. It is also an effective means of relieving back tension. What makes the REA massage roller special compared to other massage rollers is that it is of high quality, which means that if the usual so-called the foam rollers go through quickly (read soft), then this roll lasts a long time. When the massage roller becomes soft, it no longer gives the desired effect and result.

The massage roller is easy to use, you need to find a sore point in your muscle, support it on the roller and roll it back and forth.

Dimensions - length 33cm and diameter 13.5cm

Black / Camo

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