REA Mini Loop Band Set (set of 5)

16,00 €
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Mini Loop rubbers in a set of 5 - a lot of uses, from strength training to rehabilitation. Use them to improve balance, strength and flexibility. With ring-shaped rubbers, it is very good to do, for example, muscle warm-up and stretching exercises.

The Mini Loops are also extremely light and portable. The training tires also come with a small sachet. Use them anywhere, anytime- At home, at the gym, or on the go. Suitable for use at all ages. As with all exercises and equipment, make sure they are right for you.

Size: 30cm
Width: 5cm
5 different strengths - very light (0.4mm), light (0.6mm), medium (0.8mm), strong (1mm) and extra strong (1.2mm)

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