REA Power Resistance Band PURPLE 45.3-54kg

18,90 €
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This versatile resistance rubber is designed for use in strength training. With the very strong purple rubber, you can perform many different whole body exercises without difficulty. Very effective in training large muscle groups. For example, a pipe can be made with cuffs attached to the ground at both ends.

All circular rubbers are 104cm long (total rubber length is 208cm) and made of 100% latex rubber. Not recommended for people with allergies to latex.

Weight: 257g
Resistance: 18-36kg
width: 2.9cm
Length: 104cm

The package includes
One (1) purple resistance rubber + bag

Seamless latex rubbers are very durable and can be vented 2.5x longer.
Ideal to use: For doing arm bends - Weightlifting - Pilates - Yoga - CrossFit training
Tough muscles but safe for joints

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