REA Sux (massage cups) 8cups+bag

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The set of REA SUX massage cups has very good vacuum properties.
The set includes 8 cups + bag

NB! Based on customer feedback, we point out that due to the specifics of the dome, the lower edge is slightly scratching the skin. This is felt when there is a desire to use this cup as an aid in reducing cellulite and the corresponding technique of moving it on the skin. For some, this cup may not be suitable. The Pro cup has very good vacuum properties when using a passive technique, perhaps placing the cup on the body and then making light movements.

Why a Massage Cup?
The hood can be used to massage the whole body: thigh, lower leg, abdomen, arm, buttocks, back. Due to the vacuum created by the dome and intensive processing, the blood supply, lymphatic circulation and metabolism are improved. Due to the accelerated metabolism, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, toxic residues are released and thus cellulite is reduced. The skin becomes smoother and goes more trim.

For best results, the massage should be performed 10-15x and 3x a week. For prophylactic purposes, 1 massage once a week is suitable

How to use the hood?
Oil the body. It is recommended to use 100% natural oil. When applying with oil, it is recommended to do a light pre-massage to warm the body.
Grab the cup, squeeze it, place it on the problem area (such as your thighs) and release it. The cup then absorbs a large amount of soft tissues, muscles and skin.
Always start the dome massage by moving in a straight or circular motion towards the bloodstream (or heart).
For best results, you should initially do a cupping massage 5-6 times a week, 7-15 minutes per area. - Later you can continue with a cupping massage 2-3 times a week.
After the massage, drink plenty of water! Green tea is also good, which helps to remove waste products from the body.
Cupping massage is contraindicated if you have:
Varicose veins and inflammations
Severe cardiovascular disease
Severe kidney and lung disease
Thyroid diseases
Acute inflammation
Artificial joint (s)
Infectious diseases
Blood clotting disorders
Open wounds
Various skin problems: psoriasis, erysipelas, allergic rash, birthmarks above the skin
Less than 1 month has passed since the operation
Breastfeeding period
Abdominal area during menstruation

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