REA Tape Kinesioteip Premium 5cm x 5m Lime

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New rayon fabric kinesio tape with better tensile stress and material thickness than cotton kinesio tape. The fabric has a light reflective property that radiates body heat back into the body and you will feel that this place is many times warmer than with ordinary cotton tape. The acrylic adhesive tape is from Germany and is of high quality and skin-friendly.

They are made of silky smooth, shiny fabric, which thanks to its unique structure lasts even longer on the skin! It is extremely comfortable to wear and the tape will not branch. It is also ideal for extreme conditions, high humidity and low temperatures, during exercise, in the shower and in the pool.

Width - 5cm
Length - 5m
Material - 100% Rayon, acrylic glue

Elasticity up to 170%
Lets the skin breathe.
The thickness and weight of the tape is similar to that of the skin.
Unlike sports tape, it does not restrict movement.
Water and sweat resistant.
Lasts on the skin for 8+ days and the elasticity of the tape does not decrease during this time.
It is important to know that the desired effect is achieved with the RIGHT tape installed!
Commands and recommendations

When starting to tape, it is important that the area to be taped is clean and free of hair.
The muscle on which the tape is placed should be moved to a stretched position. If you do not know how to stretch any part of the body, you can write to us, we will help your mind!
It is recommended to cut the ends of the tape round so that the tape stays on longer.
As the elongation of Medpoint kinesio tape is up to 180%, it can be placed on the tape stretched slightly (in most cases 25%). This achieves the required effect - folds / folds on the skin. You can also follow the rule that the more mobile / flexible the joint, the less stretch (knees, shoulders) but there are exceptions !! However, in the case of the lower back, the CENTER of the tape can be stretched up to 80%.
The ends of the tape (3-5cm) must ALWAYS be installed with zero tension, ie as the tape runs off the paper.
When installing, it is recommended not to touch the adhesive tape with your fingers.
VERY IMPORTANT! Once the tape is applied to the skin, it must be rubbed to activate the adhesive. We do not recommend using your fingers when rubbing, but take the same paper that you removed with the tape. Place the smoother surface of the paper against the tape and rub the long tape with quick back and forth movements (you must feel strong heat under your fingers) until the glue is activated. In addition, you can also use a hair dryer :) Before physical activity, the adhesive must be completely dry. Otherwise, the tape may come off quickly.
It is not recommended to apply the tape immediately before physical activity. If the tape is not completely dry, it may come off. The best time to install is after training and washing. Clean, dry and warm skin is the best place to apply kinesio tape and in this case we guarantee that the tape will last for several days!

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