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Here at Redcon1, we never thought that one day we would be formulating a vegan-friendly protein. However, with today’s fitness industry and the innovation around supplements, we decided to come up with Green Beret by Redcon1. A protein powder that has a blend of 3 different plant-based sources of protein, which includes brown rice, pea isolate and quinoa protein.


Green Beret by Redcon1 has been formulated with a unique combination of vegan ingredients. There are many benefits of having a vegan protein powder, whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder or a fitness fanatic.


We formulated this vegan protein supplement with the highest quality ingredients to support your health and fitness needs. Our protein powder has zero sugar, almost no fat, and it also has the same amount of aminos as in whey protein powders.


When you have Green Beret by Redcon1, you’ll:
Recover and rebuild muscle tissue after strenuous exercise.
Consume a vegan product that contains the same amino profile as whey protein.
Have a protein powder that is easily digested by the body.
Premium vegan-friendly protein that actually tastes good.
Have a protein that is naturally sweetened and non-GMO.
Green Beret by Redcon1 has a great taste and mixes very well. Our team worked really hard and closely with scientists and fitness experts to come up with a delicious and healthy product that provides you with everything the body needs.


Each serve (1scoop/31g) of Green Beret by Redcon1 has:
120 calories
20g of protein from plant-based sources.
2g of Fat and 0.5g is saturated.
5g of carbohydrates and 1g is from dietary fibre.
No added sugar, dairy, lactose or animal product.
No artificial flavour, artificial sweetener and artificial dye.


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