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SMARTSHAKE Revive Slayer 750ml

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The Smartshake team are never satisfied with making just any old shaker and the Smartshake Revive Series Rock Collection 'shakes' things up even more with its focus paying tribute to some of the greatest rock bands in history. Old school Rock Bands FTW!

This awesome 'Iron Maiden' themed shaker comes in the super sexy SmartShake Revive Series style with the soft loop handle and rubber details, making it easier to carry and hold during those hard sweaty sessions...don't be that person who creates a mess in the gym after dropping your shaker (we've all been there!).

As more of us grab our Smartshakers for days out and general use, Revive Series shaker has included a fruit infuser V2 mixer net, with sharp spurs for your fruit and berry blends! As usual, there's no need to worry about any leakage or mess - with the secure cap and leak-proof seal you can shake it up without the usual worry.

Carrying along protein? Supps? Snacks? Fruit? All good! Each BPA and DEHP free Revive shaker has a detachable, stackable, leak-proof storage compartment to make everything that little bit easier!

Ok, it's great and all having a 'smart' shaker...but it's GOT to look sick for those Insta shots! The Revive Rock Band series comes in a variety of colourways/designs paying tribute to only the best - Slayer, Metallica, Motley Crüe and Motor Head!

Why So Smart?!

Awesome 'Rock Band Collection
Loop handle and shock-absorbing rubber
Fruit infuser V2 mixer makes mixing fruits and berries a breeze!
Free from BPA & DEHP
Stackable leak proof compartments
Great travel shaker

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