SNICKERS Hi-Protein Peanut Brownie 50g

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Joining Mars' burgeoning range of high protein candy bar snacks... the irresistible sounding Snickers Peanut Brownie bar! Combining a generous layer of caramel with chewy peanut-packed fudgy brownie and all coated in (real-deal!!) Mars milk chocolate this lower sugar, lower fat creation packs an impressive 15g protein into two fun-sized pieces!

Whilst small in stature (just 50g!) that timeless Snickers indulgence is still delivered in spades in this Brownie/Bar crossover including those all-important roasted peanut nibs. Between the crunchy peanuts and, unique to this 'brownie' bar, a thick, chewy brownie layer and the caramel, this Snickers bar has one of the most unique textures in the Mars Hi-Protein bar range and every bit as sweet and satisfying (and that little more justifiable!!) as you might imagine!

Why the Snickers Hi-Protein Peanut Brownie Bar?
An actual Snickers bar (Made by Mars themselves!)
15g protein per 2-piece bar
Much lower fat than an ordinary Snickers bar
Considerably lower sugar than a real (non-protein) Snickers bar
Unrivalled indulgent taste, with caramel and chewy peanut brownie

Snickers Hi-Protein Peanut Brownie Bar Ingredients & Nutritionals:

Snickers Hi-Protein Peanut Brownie Bar
Per 50g Bar
Calories 211kcals
Protein 15g
Fat 9.2g
- Of which saturates 4.3g
Carbohydrate 18g
- Of which sugars 9.8g
Salt 0.2g
Other Ingredients: MILK chocolate ​ (22%) ​ (sugar‌, cocoa butter‌, skimmed MILK powder‌, cocoamass‌, palm fat‌, LACTOSE (MILK)‌, sweet WHEY [MILK] powder (MILK)‌, MILK fat‌, WHEY [MILK] protein (MILK)‌, emulsifier ​ (SOYA lecithin)‌, natural vanilla flavouring)‌, caramel layer ​ (14%) ​ (glucose syrup‌, sugar‌, condensed MILK‌, invert sugar syrup‌, cocoa butter‌, humectant ​ (glycerol)‌, emulsifier ​(mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids)‌, natural flavouring‌, salt‌, colour ​(plain caramel))‌, MILK protein‌, collagen hydrolysate‌, roasted PEANUTS ​(9,9%) ​ (PEANUTS‌, palm fat‌, glucose syrup)‌, humectant ​ (glycerol)‌, palmfat‌, SOYA protein‌, oligofructose‌, glucose syrup‌, fat-reduced cocoa powder ​ (1,4%)‌, flavouring ‌, natural flavouring‌, colour ​ (plain caramel)

Allergen Information: Contains MILK, PEANUTS and SOYA ingredients. May contain; cereals containing GLUTEN, EGGS, NUTS.

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