CP SPORTS Neck Trainer (G9-camo)

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With this neoprene padded C.P. Sports head and neck trainers can train the neck muscles particularly effectively and easily. Training with the nylon head harness strengthens the muscles in the neck area, which significantly reduces the risk of injury in this area.

To train, the head and neck trainer is simply placed on the head and weights can be hung on the chrome chain as required. For this purpose, the chain is provided with a snap hook so that the weight plates can be easily attached. The fit on the head can be variably adjusted for each head size using a Velcro fastener on the back of the head. The desired training success is achieved by moving the head up and down.

Special features:

gentle neoprene padding
effective head and neck training
Chrome chain with carabiner hook for disc attachment
Size adjustment with variable Velcro
Pressure relief through head padding
Material: nylon
One size fits all
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