CP SPORTS Profi Hooks / Konksud (T17)

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Pulling aids / pull hooks support and relieve the forearms, since they do not have the power of the back muscles, in the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy neck pulling and the like. and allow more repetitions or even more weight. In addition, the professional pull-up hooks optimize the pulling force on the bar and facilitate the gripping force during all pulling and lifting exercises.
The C.P. Sports professional pull-up hooks are specially designed for the heaviest pull exercises - load capacity up to 400 kg !! With neoprene padding and comfortable velcro on the wrist. These special hooks are rounded and nylon coated and ensure a very good grip contact to the rod.

Special features:
loadable up to 300kg
suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes
non-slip and sturdy
easy to handle
  ideal for relieving the forearms during pull exercises
Material: 100% polyester
One size fits all
Color: Black

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