MADMAX Body Conform vöö Black (MFB-313)

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Starting, middle-advanced and professional man or woman gymnasts seeking resistant and exact belt without any compromise.

Materials used:

The belt's heart is manufactured from quality, very light and resistant nylon belt, that is overlayed by black lycra from the outside. In the inside a very fine and sweat bringing out material with anatomical upholstery ensuring its comfortable wear is used. All belt is seamed with quality, unraveling string. Forming the belt Body Conform has been specially developed with aim to unify the essential purposes that must the belt meet reinforcing the bottom part of the back and of the belly with maximal comfort and free moving within all the training. The belt is so formed to reach the width 5" in the part reinforcing the back and it contracts gradually in line to the sides. Owing to the total low weight and to the materials used we can say with pride that this belt replaces not only the classical leather or sandwich 4" belts but the belt Body Conform exceedes them positively owing to its ergonomical forming and to its perfectly exact closing independent on placing the tongues and the holes on the belt. The belts Body Conform are durably more popular and they are used practically by all from the top world bodybuilders.  

Stopper: Velcro being of length 35 cm ensuring exact and strong closing the belt accordingly to your needs

Contents: 100% nylon

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