MADMAX Damasteel Gray/gold (MFG-871)

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MFG-871 Gloves for fitness and bodybuilding –DAMASTEEL model

Are you looking for stylish, yet uncompromisingly functional gloves? Then the DAMASTEEL model is the one for you. A black-and-grey design complemented by golden accessories captivates everyone. The Damask steel pattern on the dorsal part of the hand doesn’t serve as a mere adornment, but it indicates that this glove is as tough as Damask steel itself. The padding in the palm area is specially and anatomically stitched in order to achieve the greatest possible comfort. The top of the glove is designed to sweep-away the perspiration from your hands flawlessly. The Velcro fastening is complemented by the MADMAX gold logo.

Contents: amara,polyester

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