MADMAX eXtreme vöö Gray (MFB-666)

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The belt's heart is made from first-quality light and resilient nylon strip, covered from outer side with quality black lycra and net giving to the belt exclusive design.

Materials used: On the inner side fine material is used ensuring very pleasurable wearing. The belt is seamed by quality, non-frazzle string. The belt is so shaped, that the part strengthening the back is reaching max. width 6", further reaching the width 3,5" at sides and reaching again the width 5" in the part of abdomen. Such shaping is exactlyadapted to the anatomy of your body and beside the basic precondition - i.e. to put emphasis on strengthening the backbone when training - this belt gives you absolutely free latitude of moving. Specially shaped rubber strips are put into belt's heart and are so placed to ensure sufficient increasing of belt's compactness as well as to reduce belt's distortion when training. This technology (RBS) brings strongly better strengthening the backbone when training with very high weights and keeps all excellent properties of synthetic belts. The belt is equipped with comfortable ventilation to prevent from sweating during your training (AF).

Owing to total low weight and shaping used you can wear this belt during all training. This belt due to its parameters replaces fully classical leather 4" or sandwich belts. Further, owing to belt's shaping and perfectly exact closing independent on placing the holes and tongues, these belts become more popular and they are recently used by all leading world bodybuilders.

Stopper: Velcro being of length 35 cm ensuring exact and strong closing the belt accordingly to your needs.



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