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MADMAX Speed Jump Rope (MFA-286) Hüppenöör

14,00 €

MFA-286 Jump speed rope

Are you looking for a firstclass rope with a long lifetime period that can help you lose weight and get you in a good shape? Jump speed rope will surpass all your expectations. High-quality double ball bearings in the handles made of aluminium alloy can rotate without any resistance, the rope can be shorten very easily by puting it into the handles so the loose ends won’t get in your way. Thanks to this system you can also prevent pointless damage of your rope, after every use just put the rope out of the handles, roll it up and put it into the bag. In the package you can also find a protective foam sleeve which you can put on the rope when you want to jump on a coarse surface so you won’t scrape the rope. The product is avaible in four diffrent colours so it won’t be only your helper on your way to achieve your goals but also a great fashion accesory.

One package contents: 2x handle, 2x rope (black and grey), 2x protective foam sleeve, nylon bag

Lenght: 3m (black), 2.8m (grey)

Diameter: 2.5mm

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