MUSCLETECH Squeeze bottle 500ml (joogipudel)

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During workouts the body reaches high temperatures resulting from muscular effort and leading to rapid dehydration and exhaustion. How often do not you want to have something fresh on hand to drink during the workout to hydrate your muscles, maintain your performance, and regain your strength? And after training? Only you know how comforting and rewarding it is for your body to take something fresh. After all the life of an athlete like you is made of small and great pleasures. Muscletech Squeeze Water Bottle is the water bottle or any other in-training liquid supplement, an accessory for sport that meets your sporting needs. Do you know why?

Muscletech Squeeze Water Bottle is produced with ultra-resistant, malleable, low-density polyethylene plastic with safety valve to prevent liquid leakage. This bottle fits snugly into the drum holders and car holders.

Muscletech Squeeze Water Bottle Main Benefits:

- Squeeze water bottle was designed to be practical, to have easy and hygienic opening.
- It has adapted nozzle with dynamic valve to drink with ease.
- It has an ergonomic shape perfectly adapted to the shape of the hand.
- Includes security system to avoid spills of liquids.
- Can be washed in the dishwasher with temperature below 65 degrees Celcius.
- Produced with low density, resistant, moldable and flexible polyethylene material.

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