SAN Tribuvar 1000 180 tablets

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Without a doubt, testosterone is the most coveted hormone for athletes involved in all sports. The reasons it’s so highly desired are numerous, but the most beneficial attribute is increased protein synthesis thanks to the likelihood of an increased positive nitrogen balance. This means considerably quicker recovery from exercise, so you can work harder and recover more quickly, resulting in increased strength and improved muscle-building results.

TRIBUVAR 1000 contains 1,000 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract per serving, standardized to 45% furostanol saponins. The active phytosterols, flavonoids, and glycosides this provides can help maintain natural and healthy testosterone levels by increasing luteinizing hormone production, which is what regulates positive testosterone production.

TRIBUVAR 1000 is so safe and effective that it was used by world-renowned Soviet athletes with great success. Those results and that success made this one of the most sought-after, wholesome testosterone boosters available because it delivers naturally-increased testosterone levels with no negative side effects.

TRIBUVAR 1000 is an extremely safe and natural way to promote increased testosterone levels for peak performance.*

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