CP SPORTS Figure 8 Straps tõsterihmad (T12-3 Camo)

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Pulling aids Loops - Figure 8 Straps support and relieve the pressure on the forearms because they do not have the strength of the back muscles. With the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy neck pulling, etc. they allow more repetitions or more weight. In addition, these ingeniously simple lifting loops increase the pull on the bar and increase the grip. The C.P. Sports pulling straps are made of hard-wearing and robust cotton, ideal for bodybuilders and strength athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Application: Reach through the loop with one hand, place it around the bar and then reach through the loop again.
Special features:

    durable cotton
    non-slip and tearproof
    Overall length approx. 35 cm, width 4 cm, diameter of the loops approx. 10 cm
    suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes

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