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MADMAX LAT HOOKS+ Antic bronze konksud (MFA-333)

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You will never tear away these hooks...these really not...

Materials used The metallic lat-hooks are determined for strengthening the handle at heavy tensile exercises and for exercises of abdominal muscles in hanging position on horizontal bar. The hooks aremaximally suitable for exercises of the back, straightening up the body, back of thighs, exercises of abdomen. They are made fromhigh-grade steel that is maximally resistant against back open also when using the highest possible weights. The hooks are fastened with the palm part of the hand by woven synthetic belt of size 1" and have thickness 2 mm. This belt is equipped with 3-lay stuffing giving you better comfort when in use. The first layer being in contact with the palm is made from neoprene, specially shaped by hot pressing, the second layer that has to keep perfectly the shape is made from EVA of thickness 2 mm. The third, outer layer is made from aniline first-class leather. The synthetic belt is closed by couple of opposed dry zippers through the eyelet made from brass with treatment "old look". The color execution and top-class materials used enable to these hooks really a luxury appearance.

Contents: 50% steel, 25% nylon, 15% EVA, 10% leather

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