CP SPORTS Gravity Boots (G29)

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The "over-the-head hanging" with the Gravity Boots allows abdominal and back muscles to be trained intensively and very effectively. They can be hung on the chin-up bar or on a wall bar. With a secure quick release, padded with foam inside for a comfortable fit, boots are tightened on the ankle.
Suspension (inversion) improves blood circulation, relieves the disc and stretches the spine, which can release back, shoulder, and neck tensions and de-block and stretch the joints of the feet, knees, neck, and hips.

Special features:

loadable up to 120 kg
Relieves the intervertebral discs and stretches the spine
secure quick-release fastener for attachment to the ankle
Relieves tension and stretches the joints
Weight per gravity boat about 1300g
Material: steel / foam
One size fits all
Color: Black
Scope of supply: 1 pair of gravity boots

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