CP SPORTS Liquid Grip Chalk 250ml

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CP SPORTS Liquid Chalk is a liquid magnesium carbonate that can be applied to hands and/or feet to improve grip during sports and counteract slippage from perspiration. Unlike conventional magnesia powder, the liquid does not leave powder stains on clothing and devices and cannot be inhaled.

Special features:

easy dosing with the resealable 250ml plastic bottle
high-purity magnesium carbonate with alcohol content
ideal for sports such as climbing, weightlifting, golf, bowling, gymnastics
leaves no unsightly stains on fabrics and devices
Application Notes:

do not apply to injured or irritated skin!
To rule out an allergic reaction, apply to a skin area to test before first use!
do not bring into contact with eyes and do not drink!
Wash hands thoroughly after use and apply lotion
keep away from small children!
Application: Shake vigorously before use. Apply a few drops of Liquid Chalk to your hands/feet before you start exercising.

Special features:

Liquid magnesium carbonate
Increases the grip of the hands
For climbing, gymnastics and weight training

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