CP SPORTS Profi Grip tõsterihmad (T12-0) Punane/Must

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Pulling aids support and relieve the forearms, as they do not have the power of the back muscles, in the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, severe neck-pulling and the like. and allow more repetitions or even more weight. In addition, these simple lifting straps increase the pulling force on the pole and facilitate grip.
The C.P. Sports Profi-Grip Pulling aids are made of soft, durable Amara and very comfortable and comfortable in wearing comfort and ideal for bodybuilders and strength athletes. The neoprene padding prevents even at extremely high weights, the cutting of the pull straps on the wrist. Washable!

Application: Pull the end of the pulling aid through the loop so that the end of the loop is under the thumb. Now put the end of the pulling aid from below, against the opening of the hand, around the pole, wind it around with your thumb and fingers, and reach the desired tension by picking it up!
Special features:

   robust and durable
   non-slip rubber knobs for a perfect fit
   Total length 57 cm, width 4 cm
   suitable for bodybuilders and strength athletes
   comfortable and comfortable in wearing comfort
   gentle, 5mm thick neoprene pad in the wrist area
Material: 100% Amara
One size fits all
Color: Black

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