CP SPORTS Profi Grip tõsterihmad (T12-0) Punane/Must / No Pain No Gain

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The CP Sports Profi-Grip pulling aids classic support and relieve the forearms during training

Pulling aids support and relieve the forearms, as they do not have the strength of the back muscles. In the optimal execution of deadlifts, pull-ups, heavy neck pulls, etc. allow more repetitions or heavier weight. Plus, these ingeniously simple Lifting Straps increase pull on the bar and increase grip strength. The CP Sports Profi-Grip pulling aids classic are made of hard-wearing and robust Amara, comfortably padded with a neoprene pad in the wrist area. The neoprene pads prevent the straps from cutting into the wrist and the rubber knobs ensure a secure hold


... with CP Sports professional grip pulling aids! The ingenious straps, with their material properties and length specially designed for dumbbell training, noticeably increase the tensile force on the bar, make the lift easier and improve grip strength. A practical and indispensable training tool for real PROs!


... is guaranteed by the high-quality and extremely durable material made from 100% Amara with neoprene padding in the wrist area. The fabric, which is dense for high tensile strength, is absolutely tear-resistant, does not slip, can be tied particularly flexibly, absorbs sweat and is hygienically washable. Perfect performance for your training!


... thanks to the noticeable relief of the forearms and more focus on the grip, for a better execution when deadlifting or also when doing pull-ups and heavy neck pulls. The 60 cm long and 4 cm wide loops allow more repetitions or more weight!

Special features:

No tearing and slipping
More traction
Safe grip
Top comfort
For more power on the lift
non-slip rubber nubs for a perfect grip
Gentle neoprene padding in the wrist area
Length: 60cm
Width: 4cm
Material: 100% Amara/ neoprene pads/ rubber nubs
Colour: black No PainNo Gain
Scope of delivery: 1 pair of C.P. Sports professional grip traction aids classic, black No PainNo Gain

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