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ICONFIT Collagen Superfoods+Inulin 250g

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ICONFIT Collagen Superfoods with inulin is a delicious and high-fiber collagen mixture produced in Estonia. Ideal for both smoothies and just mixing with water. Contains more than 30% hydrolysed collagen, a lot of useful Oraft® inulin (natural fiber from chicory root)

Just add to the smoothie or mix in a glass of water and enjoy. We also added healthy freeze-dried berries to the useful collagen and a more chocolatey taste with raw cocoa.
Collagen is very beneficial for the beauty and well-being of the skin, hair and nails. Our collagens are the most popular in Estonia and the favorites of thousands of customers.
You get 25% more (250g in total) for half the price than any competing product. Packed in an airtight ICONFIT jar that is convenient to use.
Does not contain other additives and is also suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation.

ICONFIT Collagen Superfoods is a mixture of superfoods produced in Estonia. Contains over 30% collagen with natural fiber Orafti® Inulin which is good for your digestion. In addition, each mixture contains a delicious and vitamin-rich mixture of freeze-dried super berries or raw cocoa. No other additives or grams of added sugar.

Manufacture & Use

Collagen & Inulin mixture is good to add 1 tablespoon in a blender to the smoothie or mix with water or juice. The jar has approx. 19 servings of delicious collagen mixture. You can also consume 2 tablespoons a day if you wish. Use every day and do good for your health, skin, nails and hair. Due to the content of natural berries, the mixtures contain many useful vitamins and micronutrients. Collagen can be added directly to the blender although in some places it is said that the blender would break down the collagen peptides. The blender cannot damage the collagen in any way and can always be added directly to the blender in the smoothie.


In addition to animal-derived collagen, it contains only natural Oraft® inulin, freeze-dried berries and, in one flavor, also antioxidant-rich raw cocoa. Collagen Superfoods products do not contain sugar or any other additives. Read more about the nutrients and ingredients for each flavor selection below.

Raspberry-Blackcurrant: Ingredients: Orafti® Inulin (chicory root), hydrolyzed collagen, freeze-dried raspberry, freeze-dried blackcurrant.
Tikri-Blackcurrant: Ingredients: Orafti® Inulin (chicory root), hydrolysed collagen, freeze-dried tiger, freeze-dried blackcurrant.
Raw Cocoa and Berries: Ingredients: Orafti® Inulin (from chicory root), hydrolyzed collagen, raw cocoa powder, freeze-dried raspberry, freeze-dried blackcurrant.


This is a natural health trend that has risen sharply in the last year, as inulin is a natural and beneficial prebiotic fiber. Fiber helps to turn your smoothie into a complete food and better keeps your stomach full during the day. In addition, chicory inulin is very beneficial for digestive health.

Toitained: VAARIKA-MUSTSÕSTRA13 g portsjonis100g
Energia (kJ/kcal) 155/37 1198/286
Valgud(g) 4,2 32,0
Süsivesikud(g) 2,7 20,6
..millest suhkrud(g) 1,8 13,6
Rasvad(g) 0,2 1,2
..millest küllastunud(g) 0,0 0,2
Kiudained(g) 5,0 38,3
Sool(g) 0,03 0,26

KOOSTISOSAD: Orafti® Inuliin (sigurijuurest), hüdrolüüsitud kollageen, külmkuivatatud vaarikas, külmkuivatatud mustsõstar. Toodetud Eestis.

Toitained: TIKRI-MUSTSÕSTRA13 g portsjonis100g
Energia (kJ/kcal) 153/36 1174/280
Valgud(g) 4,1 31,9
Süsivesikud(g) 2,0 15,2
..millest suhkrud(g) 1,7 13,2
Rasvad(g) 0,1 0,7
..millest küllastunud(g) 0,0 0,0
Kiudained(g) 5,7 44,0
Sool(g) 0,03 0,26

KOOSTISOSAD: Orafti® Inuliin (sigurijuurest), hüdrolüüsitud kollageen, külmkuivatatud tikker, külmkuivatatud mustsõstar. Toodetud Eestis.

Toitained: TOORKAKAO JA MARJAD13 g portsjonis100g
Energia (kJ/kcal) 157/37 1207/288
Valgud(g) 4,2 31,9
Süsivesikud(g) 2,0 15,5
..millest suhkrud(g) 1,6 12,4
Rasvad(g) 0,3 2,1
..millest küllastunud(g) 0,0 0,1
Kiudained(g) 4,5 34,7
Sool(g) 0,2 0,34

KOOSTISOSAD: Orafti® Inuliin (sigurijuurest), hüdrolüüsitud kollageen, toorkakao pulber, külmkuivatatud vaarikas, külmkuivatatud mustsõstar. Toodetud Eestis.

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