PURE 2Improve Joogamatt 173x58x0.6cm BLUE

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6mm thick double-layer foam rubber gymnastics mat with very good properties, which ensures non-slip resistance on any surface. It is a TPE material that flows beautifully on the floor and is a great ground for yoga or pilates enthusiasts. The top surface of the mat has a nice pattern where it is nice to be and the bottom layer adheres well to any soil
Color: Blue (also available in pink)

The 6mm thick and non-slip material ensures a soft surface suitable for yoga. The mat has good adhesion to the floor surface in all directions.

Heat-insulating and non-slip material.

Maintenance - clean with a damp cloth. From a hygienic point of view, it is not recommended to share the gym mat with other users.
Hygienic and skin-friendly;

Carrying strap included
Biodegradable product
Weight 860g
Dimensions 173 x 58x 0.6cm

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