PURE 2Improve weighted vest 4.5kg Red/black

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The high-quality weight vest, which fits comfortably around the upper body, is designed for various cardiovascular and strength training. Also very good for jumping, running and, for example, in the gym as an extra weight.

The rubber weights of the vest are evenly distributed around the body and the elastic velcro straps with FlexMetal technology keep the vest firmly in place. For example, cheap vests start to jump on the body and this significantly interferes with the performance of technical elements.

Evenly distributed difficulties

Adapts to all body types

The weight of the vest can be removed and the weight adjusted as desired.

The vest comes with 20 x 225g weights.

The vest comes with 4.5kg weights, but the vest can be fitted with a total of 9kg weights. If you would like additional difficulties, please contact us.

1 Size fits all


68% polyester
25% neoprene
5% nylon
2% PVC

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