REA Mini Loop Band Set (3 small bands)

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REA Small training rubbers are suitable for intensive training or rehabilitation. With ring-shaped rubbers, it is very good to do, for example, muscle warm-up and stretching exercises.
Convenient to use anywhere - At home, in the gym, or while traveling. The training tires also come with a small sachet.

High-quality latex rubbers are a much cheaper alternative to the gym to increase strength, durability and improve flexibility, without expensive gym machines. With Medpoint training rubbers it is possible to do various lower and upper body exercises (see below) by simply placing the rings around your legs, knees, arms, etc.

The set includes 3 different strength training rubbers (Different strengths) + sachets

The length of the rubbers is 26cm x 5cm

1. Black strongest training rubber 0.9mm thick

2. Gray medium training rubber 0.6mm thick

3. Red lightest training rubber 0.2mm thick

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