MADMAX Professional Exclusive black / black (MFG-269)

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This glove is determined to whole public for power training andfitness both women and men of all performance levels.

The glove is made from high-class black leather (in matte modification) used both on palm side and on the back of hand. In order to prevent from coloring the hands during training, the leather is equipped with special lamination that eliminates absolutely this unpleasant attribute of black colored leather.

On palm side the double layer of leather is used filled with special padding. Both layers are stitched anatomically for precise handle and keeping maximal solidity and durability of this extra strained palm part of glove.

On the back of hand and among fingers a very lasting and durable 3-way Lycra is used. This Lycra ensures very good sweat’s drain and air ventilation of the hand.

The glove is equipped with elastic strengthening belt that ensures perfect hand’s stability both by double enwinding the wrist and by double velcro during all training and prevents from making excessive pressure on wrist.

Contents: 65% leather, 35% polyester


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