MADMAX Slimming Belt - Black/Black (MFA-277)

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Slimming and support belt – MFA-277

MADMAX Slimming and Support Waistband is an absolutely revolutionary product in the body shaping and body support field. It especially differs from the less quality supplement materials with its quality and also the thickness of the material (neoprene 2.5mm), which fundamentally affects its properties. Thanks to the sophisticated modern design and the wide variety of colour options, it will also become your favourite accessory. The waistband isn’t just used for workouts, but also for roller skating, running and other cardio activities. People with backache will also appreciate it, for example, during sitting in the office over a long period of time. The waistband is also suitable for people with backache caused by weak muscles in the lower abdomen. The waistband is made from neoprene from which helps to increase sweating and therefore increases the efficiency of fat burning in the problem areas. With its use, your waistline will look thinner than ever before. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable on your skin, because neoprene drags the perspiration out of your body. Another advantage is the very easy Velcro closure and adjustable size.

 Features (key benefitts):

1. Posture Corrector - Back Support

2. Reduce the Waist and Abdomen

3. Easy Graduated Fit - Adjustable Compression

4. Durable and Fashionale Materials

5. Prevents Lower Back Injuries while Lifting

6. Correct posture, keeping your spine aligned and upright at all times.

7. You protect the Lumbar Zone For improper movement

 Size table:

Size Waist (cm/inch)
S 60 – 70 / 23,6 – 27,6
M 70 – 80 / 27,6 – 31,5
L 80 – 90 / 31,5 – 35,4
XL 90 – 100 / 35,4 – 39,4
XXL 100 – 110 /39,4 – 43,3

Colors: black/pink, black/neon green, black/orange, black/ruby red, black/cyan

Care instructions: hand wash, do not bleach, do not tumbler dry, do not iron, do not dry-clean 

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