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DEDICATED #Gainz 4kg

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DEDICATED #GAINZ is the ultimate lean muscle building product on the planet. Designed for serious athletes only, Dedicated #Gainz is THE product for those that want to build serious muscle mass and increase recovery, not skinny kids looking for a cheap sugar gainer that’ll only make them fat.

“If you want to grow more, you have to eat more.” It’s a mantra that’s as old as the barbell, but still holds true to this day. However, eating more food does not mean eat whatever food you can put your hands on. If you eat like crap, you look like crap!

DEDICATED #GAINZ was designed as a product to go back to simply eating more healthy real food combined with cutting edge 21st century food technology. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to aid optimal lean muscle growth without adding any sugar, fats or processed junk.

Building quality lean muscle takes time and DEDICATION, no expense was spared. Only the finest of the finest ingredients have been used to create #GAINZ. Like a Michelin Star chef, DEDICATED searched the world to find the finest raw ingredients to fuse #GAINZ together and so creating a true lean muscle building product that simply has no rival. Even better is that, like every other DEDICATED product, #GAINZ has an amazing flavor and does not cause any stomach problems.

DEDICATED #GAINZ contains only true quality ingredients you actually NEED and nothing you do not need like:

- Maltodextrine (aka sugar)
- Dextrose (aka sugar)
- Fructose (aka sugar again)
- Waxy Maize or potato starches (that absorb actually very slowly instead of the much believed fast absorption)
- Sugar whatsoever
- Creatine
- Amino spiking (Taurine, Glutamine, Glycine, Alanine)
- Glutamine peptides (which is a fancy name for plain old wheat!)
- Soy
- Fattening creamers
- Proprietary blends
- Under dosed fillers (to make anything look “cutting edge”)

Because nothing beats real food, we carefully selected nature’s true raw nutrition powerhouses. Featuring real protein, carbohydrates and fats, not artificial fat inducing junk! DEDICATED #GAINZ contains the following ingredients per serving:

#GAINZ contains a unique protein blend of 50% Whey Concentrate and 50% Milk Isolate (Casein) which has been proven to be better at building muscle than regular Whey. Recent research has clearly proven that this ratio is optimal for building lean muscle. Gone are the days of drinking just Whey as nothing beats Whey & Casein for both fast and slow protein absorption. Our unique formula Creates an ideal muscle building and recovery environment within the body and true day and night time protein utilization. Best of all, #GAINZ does not contain any inferior protein or amino acid.

#GAINZ contains a truly unique sugar and junk free carbohydrate blend including highly fibrous and typical slow digested Natural RAW Grounded Oats from carefully selected sources. Oatmeal has been a staple carbohydrate for decades amongst elite athletes for one simple reason; it is natures true carbohydrate powerhouse. Oatmeal also has a host of other benefits as well, including adding more fiber to one’s diet and therefor increasing digestion.

The other carbohydrate source in #GAINZ is the truly cutting edge Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD). This unique and patented ingredient is almost a dream come true for any athlete, as it is almost immediately absorbed but does not raise insulin levels. HBCD will not cause any stomach problems like Waxy Maize typically does. It is the fastest absorbing carbohydrate on the planet thus making it the ideal energy source before and after any exercise. HBCD is a rare ingredient users will feel working within seconds of taking.

Both carbohydrates have been carefully combined to, like Whey and Casein, provide fast and slow energy release. #GAINZ does not include any insulin raising and fat gaining sugar, dextrose, fructose or maltodextrine. Keeping insulin levels in check is key if one does not want to gain body fat.

#GAINZ contains raw coconut powder as its only added fat source. Coconut is nature’s ultimate fat source as it contains natural MCT oil and a host of other health promoting ingredients. It is almost impossible for the human body to store MCT as body fat, instead it is used as a long term energy source. Real MCT from raw coconut powder is used even better by the human body versus artificial MCT. Raw coconut powder also contains natural electrolytes that aid in muscle contractions and help restore fluids faster.

Because combining the world’s highest quality ingredients is simply not enough. We had to add a sure fire system of enhancing nutrient uptake and utilization. #GAINZ contains two extremely potent nutrient absorbers to further enhance and speed up results.

ASTRAGIN - a patented and very potent plant based extract to increase protein and amino acid absorption and utilization.

PTEROSTILBENE - an anti-oxidant found in blue berries, to increase carbohydrate uptake and balance blood sugar levels (insulin). Unlike most Insulin type products, Pterostilbene has to be taken together with a carbohydrate rich meal and not separate. Because Insulin is the strongest muscle building signaling hormone in the human body its role has to be carefully managed and stimulated. Pterostilbene does just that, by unlocking Insulin’s full muscle building potential.

Both ingredients combined are so powerful that users will quickly feel the push of carbohydrates and proteins into muscle cells and not fat cells. A tremendous muscle building pump will occur minutes after taking #GAINZ. When #GAINZ is used as directed this pump will stay with users for almost 24/7 creating the ultimate growth environment.
Strength & Performance

To round the #GAINZ formula off, Trimethylglycine (TMG) Anhydrous has been added as a plethora of recent studies confirm it is a very potent strength and ergogenic aid. When taken every day pump and strength will be increased in a similar fashion to Creatine with the main benefit that TMG does not need to be cycled.

In true Dedicated Nutrition spirit, DEDICATED #GAINZ contains a fully disclosed formula. We do not have to hide behind fancy “proprietary blends” that basically do not tell the truth about actual ingredients and dosages. We used only the world’s finest muscle building ingredients to create the ideal product for anyone that is serious about gaining more muscle and not fat!

#GAINZ is not only suited for true hard gainers or skinny bastards, but for anyone desiring the ideal post workout product, meal replacement or simply the perfect solution to keep growing. The ideal time to take #GAINZ is any time! Because at the end of the day all that matters are the #GAINZ! GO GET SOME…. #GAINZ!

Mix 3 scoops with 200 – 600 ml water. Take 1-3 shakes per day, preferably in the morning and/or evening and in between meals.

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