ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen 300g

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ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen is the only real and purest collagen in powder form. Forget useless capsules that contain only 0.4-0.8g of collagen! Studies show that the recommended daily amount is 10g of collagen, which protects the joints and works well on the skin.

A real source of collagen from which you get 10g a day. It is 100% collagen with no other additives.
30 days of pure collagen in a jar! Produced by natural processes without chemicals!
Avoid expensive capsules with no collagen, where you need 13-20 capsules a day to get 10g.
Add 10g (measuring spoon included) per day to juice, food, smoothie or sports drink.
Highly rated collagen is now available in perfectly pure form - scientific studies have shown that for best effect we need to consume 10g of collagen per day. Collagen is known for its extremely useful properties. Protects the joints and helps to restore them faster, improves the elasticity and durability of bones, helps to form a high-quality structure of muscle tissues. Collagen is also world famous for improving skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle effect.

Easily digestible, allergy-free and very well absorbed by the body. With its neutral taste and smell, it is well suited for mixing with various foods, smoothies and drinks.

Collagen is the most important protein in our bones and joints, giving them elasticity and endurance. In addition, collagen is important in forming the structure of the skin and tissues that surrounds and protects our vital organs and muscles.
Athletes experience particularly high loads in their daily lives, which have a negative effect on the joints in the long run. High loads also pose a significantly higher risk of osteoarthritis, excessive pain and possible injury.
Studies have shown that the consumption of collagen is beneficial for skin elasticity, reduces the formation of wrinkles and moisturizes the skin.
Although collagen is also used for the skin in many creams, unfortunately collagen is not well absorbed in this way and in most cases simply remains on the surface of the skin. However, hydrolyzed collagen consumed with food and drink is easily and quickly absorbed and gives the skin maximum results.

NUTRITION:/ 10 g/ 100 g
Energy (kJ/kcal) 170/40 1704/401
Protein(g) 9,9 99,0
Carbohydrates(g) 0,0 <0,5
..of which sugars(g) 0,0 <0,5
Fat(g) 0,0 0,1
..of which saturated(g) 0,0 0,04
Salt (g, not added) 0,05 0,5

Amino Acid Profileg/100gAmino Acid Profileg/100g
Alanine  8,8  Lysine  4,0
Arginine  7,5  Methionin  0,8
Aspargic acid  5,5  Phenylalanine  2,3
Hydroxyproline  11,9  Proline  13,2
Hydroksylysine  1,1  Serine  3,2
Glutamic acid  10,1  Threonine  1,7
Glycine  22,4  Tryptophan  0,1
Histidine  0,5  Tyrosine  0,4
Isoleucine  1,3  Valine  2,4
Leucine  2,8  

The ICONFIT Hydrolyzed Collagen Jar contains 300 g (30 days)! Of completely pure hydrolyzed collagen of animal origin in powder form. We recommend mixing 10 g (measuring spoon) every day with freely chosen foods, drinks, smoothies or consuming it with some desired sports drink. It is a relatively neutral powder that does not significantly alter the taste of food or drink.


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