ICONFIT Egg White Protein 800g

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ICONFIT Egg White Powder is well suited for use in baked goods to make them healthier by increasing protein content and reducing fat and carbohydrates. In addition, it is also ideal for athletes as a sports drink and is one possible alternative to whey protein.

Extremely high protein content of 85.8%, only 4.5% carbohydrates and almost zero fat.
An ideal ingredient for a healthy menu. Lots of useful protein without empty extra calories.
Also suitable for use in various baked goods to increase the protein content without additional fat and sugar.
It is also ideal as a protein drink useful for athletes and is a good alternative to whey protein.

In baking: Can be used directly as a powder in the dough recipe, or even before mixing with water (1 tablespoon of powder about 120ml of warm water) and thus make the powder egg white. Use, for example, in cakes, muffins and other recipes as a healthy ingredient.

In smoothies: Easily make a protein change by adding 1 tablespoon of powder to the smoothie and blending through. 1 measuring spoon (25g) gives 21.4g of protein and helps to give the smoothie a good texture.

Athletes: Use as a protein drink, for example, as an alternative to whey protein. Egg is a highly valued source of protein among bodybuilders and fitness athletes, and as a powder, it is easy to consume with a focus on protein without excess fat and carbohydrates.

Ingredients: 100% eggwhite powder.

Nutrition:/ 25 g/ 100 g
Energyia (kJ/kcal) 388/91 1553/366
Protein(g) 21,4 85,8
Carbs(g) 1,12 4,47
..of which sugars(g) 0,16 0,63
Fat(g) 0,12 0,5
..of which saturated(g) 0,62 0,25
Salt(g) 0,31 1,25

Add 25g or the desired amount to various pastries, smoothies, sports drinks to increase their protein content.

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