BULK POWDERS Blender Bottle Mini 400ml

5,00 €

The BULK POWDERS™ Mini Shaker Mixer Bottle is a smaller version of our original Shaker Mixer Bottle. Its smaller size makes it perfect for your gym or work bag, and ideal if you prefer a smaller, easier to handle bottle.

The BULK POWDERS™ Mini Shaker Mixer Bottle is perhaps the easiest way to mix your supplements. It retains all the features of a regular shaker bottle, such as a secure screw-top lid for leak-proof mixing and a durable high quality plastic design, whilst also being entirely dishwasher safe.

At the same time, the Mini Shaker Mixer Bottle comes with a wire ball that acts exactly like a whisk or blender would when the bottle is shaken. This makes mixing your supplements easier than ever before, with the wire ball doing most of the work for you and blitzing any unwanted lumps and clumps!

Each Mini Shaker Mixer Bottle carries the BULK POWDERS™ logo and "PERFORMANCE DELIVERED" strapline, accompanied by our eye-catching, signature green lid.

The bottle itself has been ergonomically designed; for an easy to grip feel. In addition it can accommodate 400ml of liquid, so perfect for smaller volume drinks such as protein shakes, pre-workouts or for anything on-the-go!

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