MYPROTEIN Mini Shaker Pink 400ml

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Product Specification

This Active Women Mini Shaker is perfect for ensuring you have lump free blends in a convenient shaker. The blend bottle has a screw tight lid for no leaking, as well as an added mesh ball to remove all lumps for a smooth blend; this way, all your shakes stay tasting amazing and replenishing. The shaker contains 13.5oz with measurements shown on the side, finished with the world renowned Myprotein logo.

Special Features

  • A screw tight lid for no leaking
  • Added mesh ball to remove all lumps for a smooth, replenishing blend
  • Finished with awesome Myprotein branding
  • Ideal substitute for an electric blender

Best for

  • Mixing all powdered supplements anytime throughout the day
  • Optimising hydration when on travels and at work

Let's talk dimensions

  • Top diameter - 95mm
  • Total height - 160mm
  • Closure diameter - 93mm
  • Base diameter - 72mm
  • Total capacity - 400ml

Key Benefits

  • Screw tight lid
  • Mesh ball for ultimate blend
  • Stylish Purple logo and lid
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