MYPROTEIN Pilates Stretch Bands 3x (Light/Medium/Heavy)

19,90 €

Product Specification

These branded Myprotein palate stretch-bands are perfectly tailored to train all muscle groups at different resistances. We have designed a light (blue band), medium (grey band) and a heavy (black band) resistance so you can progress from band to band depending on your strength and flexibility. You can tie these bands to exercise machines such as bench press and squat racks as well as using them is isolation to train a host a muscle groups. They are an excellent piece of equipment for stretching and increasing your range of motion, targeting areas that are integral to your chosen sport.

Special Features

- Made from eco-friendly 100% latex

- Supreme resistance

- Branded in Myprotein colours and logos

- Can be used anywhere, anytime

Best for

  • Stretching and increasing range of motion
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Strengthening all muscle groups

Key Benefits

  • Great for stretching and increasing range of motion
  • Rehabilitation exercise tool
  • Made from eco-friendly 100% latex
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