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EXTRIFIT Bcaa GT+ 80g (5g Bcaa + 5g Glutamine)

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BCAA GT+ is the unique product by Extrifit® company that brings you very strong dose of BCAA and glutamine in the new gel form with fast digestibility and ideal absorption what is principal for their anabolic, anticatabolic and recovery effect. One packet of BCAA GT+ contains 5000 mg of glutamine and 5000 mg of BCAA and you can get it in 7 excellent flavours. We were the first who offered you gel product – our so popular Hellgel®. Thanks to this we discovered that just gel is the form of product that is the most favourite by our customers. It is very practical – you can carry the packet wherever on you, to school or to work, on evening training or on trips and holidays. You need not to measure or pour off something, you need not to look for water source and carry big packets and boxes on you. You can have every time exact dose of BCAA and glutamine in compact packet with you!

BCAA GT+ is due to high content of BCAA and glutamine suitable for every person trying to increase his/her muscle mass and strength as well as for athletes who try to protect their muscle mass during cutting or during intensive training programme. BCAA GT+ can be used also by athletes of strength-endurance and endurance sports disciplines for fast recovery and muscle mass protection during long sports performance, for example running or cycling contests. You can get it in 7 excellent fruit flavours with only natural colorants.

Amino acids in gel are fast and maximum digestible and absorbing and that is principal for their anabolic, recovery and anticatabolic effect. No fillers as in amino acid tablets, no coating – only free amino acids in very strong dose 5000 mg of BCAA and 5000 mg of glutamine. Gel form is also very practical. Do you carry the whole day long BCAA tablets and glutamine powder for supplementation during the day and training on you? Wouldn´t be better compact gel form containing very strong dose of BCAA and glutamine per one packet for you? You can have the packet of BCAA GT+ during the day with you; you can take it on training, sports ground, on contents and matches as well as on trips and holidays. You need not any big packets; you need not to look for water source or to measure something. Due to BCAA GT+ you can have the exact dose of BCAA and glutamine always on you.

For maximum energy and the anticatabolic effect: 1 packet 20 minutes before the workout. For faster recovery a muscle mass building: one packet after the exercise. Consume the whole content after opening. Possible to mix with 850 ml of water. Daily  dose  =  1  packet.

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