PROZIS Ultra Speed Rope (hüppenöör)

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The Prozis Ultra Speed Rope was built to last and to help you beat records. Its high precision bearing system, lightweight plastic handles and totally adjustable thin coated steel cable will add speed to every jump, helping you improve your double unders.

Rope jumping is no longer only associated with professional boxers or kids playing. As a training tool, it has become very clear that the jump rope provides a quality workout. Not only does it help you burn calories and improve cardio conditioning, coordination, speed and agility, but it’s also fun! There are endless footwork patterns to try and speed records to break, and you can do it just about anywhere. For these reasons, more and more athletes just cannot go without a jump rope.

To jump rope like a pro, you need a quality rope. The Ultra Speed Rope by Prozis is a lightweight, resistant, adjustable and really fast spinning rope. With it, you will establish your own limits, beating speed records, improving your double unders and mastering every new style that comes along.

Prozis Ultra Speed Rope Highlights:

  • Effective cardio training tool
  • Helps improve conditioning, coordination and agility
  • Fast spinning, lightweight and durable rope (weight: 150 g)
  • Coated steel cable with adjustable length (3 m)
  • Lightweight plastic handles with a bearing system for ultra speed
  • Nylon transportation bag included
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