MADMAX Full leather vöö BEEZ (MFB-246) L

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This belt is determined for middle advanced, advanced and professional gymnasts (men and women) looking for a standard belt with long life cycle and with maximal utility value.

Materials used: The upper layer is made from first-quality leather (thickness 5 mm) of bright surface treatment with the logo „Mad Max". The inside part of belt is made from fine leather equipped with anatomical stuffing which ensures perfect adhesion in whole field of loin backbone as well as very pleasurable exercising when using this belt. The long life cycle of this belt is ensured by double stitching with raw thread permitting high solidity on whole perimeter of the belt. Description:

Stopper: The belt is closed by two pins and is equipped by leather ring to ensure its free end.

D-ring: On its front part the belt is equipped by a ring being of shape of letter „D" allowing additional weight upto 8 kg to be hung-up to the belt. If you need more aditional weight chose our Synthetic dip belt.

Contents: 100% leather


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